If You Can’t Win At The Game, Change The Game

At a recent dinner a woman and I were talking about women in tech.  She brought up a story about a young woman who was the only woman in her department.  One of her male co-workers dropped $2 every day into her cubicle.  He did it to diminish her – to make her feel like a sex object.

Embrace Your Quirks

The true secret to success is being yourself – your true authentic self, full of strengths, weakness and quirks. We all gladly embrace our strengths.  We love to show them off.  But we should also be proud of our weaknesses and quirks because through them we find real strength. Embrac

Women Can Lead Men Through Culture Change

Construction sites have a reputation for crude behavior and the women who work on them can face behavior seldom found in other workplaces. This situation keeps most women away from the industry and those that do enter it often opt for support jobs in the office. Those of us who do ven

How to Change Sexist Perceptions

I read a lot of articles about women in the workplace and it seems we are fixated on identifying every slight, bad comment and bit of poor behavior. I’ve been told many times that the intent is generate awareness of sexual biases in the workplace and let women know what they are facin

Estrogen-Rich Environment

I worked in an office where we expanded to occuppy two floors.  It just so happened that when we split the office the first floor was occuppied by men and one woman.  Likewise, the second floor was occupied by women and one man. I found some humor in this – finally, in the testo

High Heels

I was working at an on-site construction office and I kept hearing rumors that I wore high heels to work.  I had 2 pairs I wore, one black and one brown.  To me they were  boring 2″ heels and definately not sexy.  They were “office shoes.”  If I went out on site, I h