The HUGE Misperception Women Have About The Male-Dominated Workplace

Women have a HUGE misperception about the male-dominated workplace that has done incredible damage to our efforts to advance. Women work from a narrative that says men want to climb to the top so they can have power over others.  Many women believe men aspire to control and dominate o

How Women Should Navigate the Drinking Culture

There are some industry cultures that endorse a drinking culture – frequently getting together after work to drink. Coming from one such industry I understand how it normalizes alcoholism and creates problems for women. Many women and women’s organization encourage women to participat

The Suicide Pact Myth

A few weeks ago while working with the TV on, I heard a commentator relay a rumor that Tillerson, McMaster and Mattis had a “suicide pact” and if one left they would all leave. I found myself yelling at the TV – “You guys don’t know what you are talking about.  No one goes through wit

Open and Honest Communication Advances Women

I remember when it was rare to be a woman in the workplace who wasn’t a secretary or in HR.  I began my engineering career in the Air Force on a base with 5,000 airmen.  When I arrived you could count the number of female officers on one hand and the senior ranking woman was a 1

Political Swamp Wars

Like everyone else I am tuned into this year’s Presidential race but I am fascinated by it from a different perspective.  After working in and studying the male-dominated workplace for 30 years, I am fascinated by watching so much of what I talk and write about play out daily on the t

Why the Male-Dominated Workplace Doesn’t Teach Employees to Problem Solve

There are days at work when I just want to yell “Leave me alone!! Do I have to solve everybody’s problems for them?! Can’t you guys solve problems yourself?” Twenty years ago, when I had fewer responsibilities, I liked solving problems, any one’s problems. I found it challengin

How To Energize The Dull Male-Dominated Workplace

Let’s admit it - the male-dominated workplace can be pretty dull. This is one of the reasons I liked being out on a construction site - we had a lot more fun! On site, we weren’t trying to impress anyone with a corporate image like we had to in the main office. In the main office yo

A Blue Zone “Motivational” Letter

I came across a letter that I want to share with women. This letter is VERY Blue Zone and meant to inspire the overwhelmingly male managers within the company to achieve the 2013 financial goals. I am curious as to women’s reaction to this letter. Does it inspire you? This is th

Don’t Be OnThe Swamp War Sidelines

I came up with the concept of Swamp Wars about two years ago. It stemmed from my work experiences and for a while I thought it was unique to my industry because we have so many classic Alligator Slayers. But as I wrote this series of articles (Swamp Wars and The Rachel Letter) the nat

Swamp Wars – The Battle for Status

Last week while I was in that semiconscious state of falling asleep with the TV on, I heard the TV characters talking about Odysseus and how he was the classic hero. The characters went on to discuss how humans love heroes. Then one character questioned the other “What do heroes alw

How Your Male Co-Workers View Your Availability

Last week Meghan Casserly of Forbes published an article – Every Man You Work With Thinks You Want to Sleep With Him. This article raised some eyebrows. Is this true? Do the men we work with look at us sexually even though we have platonic relationships? And is it true that it doe

Balancing Work and Family – Conflict For All

Women discuss their work and family conflicts but we often forget this is not just a female issue. The reality is that men today have many of the same family and life conflicts as their female co-workers. How many of your male coworkers and managers are divorced or have a working wif

Men And Work Hours – It’s All About Image

When women entered the male dominated workplace we were confident we had the fortitude to climb the corporate ladder with our kids and family life slung over our shoulder. We knew we were great multi-taskers and time managers. So, there should be nothing barring us from climbing the c

Understanding Baby Boomer Men And Their Drive For Status

Baby boomer men make up most of the senior management ranks. As a baby boomer myself, I grew up with these men and know what they were taught. We were raised with a societal framework that shaped our expectations for our lives. It is important, especially for younger generations, to u

Understanding Why Being A Manager Became So Important

There is a great divide between managers and the average worker which is once again gaining attention.  Have you ever wondered how this came about, why there is so much animosity between the two? The following is an explanation that I read nearly 25 years ago.  What I find so interest

The Great American Alligator Slayer

I first wrote about the Great American Alligator Slayer © in 1991.  I got the idea from thinking about how I was told to distinguish myself and get ahead at work.  It is a very male concept. As a woman, you don’t want to embrace this concept for yourself but it is important to underst

How Men Are Taught To Solve Problems

From the example on the “Your Best Leverage” page, poor Bob has to build a wall but has no material.  There is a crisis!  And in the male workplace that is a cry for action!  But will the male approach really solve the crisis or just lead to new problems? Let’s look at how