Be Confident In Your Doubts and Questions

We’ve all worked with that guy – you know, that guy who is so confident he has the answer for every situation and problem.  I’ve worked with lots of these guys over the years.  However, it was the first guy like this that I helped me figure out how to deal with them.  His name was Ter

It’s Time To Get Out Of The 20th Century And Start Thinking Like 21st Century Women

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a woman who coached professional women.  When I told her I was in the construction industry we struck up a conversation about the male-dominated workplace.  As she talked I kept thinking “That hasn’t really been my experience” but I continued

What Are We Doing Wrong?

After last week’s presidential election, many of us are questioning what it will take for women to finally shatter the big glass ceiling.  Is there something we are missing – something we aren’t doing or doing wrong? The answer is – Yes. We are too focused on motivating, inspiring and

Championing Women’s Issues

Every 4 years, when the U.S. has a presidential election, women’s issues are discussed…mainly by male politicians, commentators and pundits who ignorantly speak with great authority .  This cycle was no exception. We had a debate over which bathrooms transgender people should use.  My

How to Break the Power of the Top-Down System

Beginning in childhood we are taught that we can’t act on our own. We have to wait for permission from our parents and other adults of authority.  We are also taught that the smartest, most educated, experienced and/or best people rise to the top of our businesses, organizations and i

Are You So Inspired You Do Nothing?

  It’s been another rough day.   You’re tired, frustrated and stressed.   You go on Facebook, because you know you will find the inspirational words you need. Your hardest time often lead to the greatest moments in your life. Keep the faith – it will be worth it i

How Girls Can Be More Like Boy Scouts

Every so often I see a news story about girls who want to join the Boy Scouts.  Most of the stories are presented from the angle of the Boy Scouts not being inclusive and questioning why girls can’t join.  My response has usually been to question why the girls don’t join the Girl Scou

What a Secretary Taught a Female Engineer

When I went into the Air Force as an engineering officer in 1982 my first reaction to my new workplace was: “What the Hell?  I thought you guys knew what you were doing!” My reaction came from the perspective of a young woman raised at a time when society believed men excelled in busi

What a Mary Kay Lady Taught a Female Engineer

I often see it cited that one reason women aren’t advancing in the male-dominated workplace is because women don’t have enough female role models.  I always question how much of a factor this really is because I never had an older woman in my profession to be my role model.  I don’t k

Growing Personal Strength

A few weeks ago a friend and I scheduled to go on a hike up through a canyon.  My friend took up hiking about a year ago to the surprise of many of her friends.  She doesn’t look like your typical southern Arizona hiker who lives in Birkenstocks and buys all their clothes at Summit Hu

Do Women Self-Discriminate?

Recently I read a comment in a post: “Women want to be treated the same as men except when they want to be treated differently.” Then I did a double take – the comment was written by a woman and had over 10,000 Likes.  Wow! I couldn’t help but wonder what experiences 10,000 people had

Why Women Are Mean to Other Women In the Workplace?

We want to think of women as caring and we hope their presence makes the workplace a more cooperative environment.  As one of my female traits I list that women work in groups and we assume that their groups are cooperative and supportive.  While we want to associate women with positi

Discriminate or Bully?

Women still talk about being discriminated against in 2016, but is it still a relevant issue for women in today’s male-dominated workplace?   Over the past 20 years workplaces have invested great sums of money training themselves and their employees on how to avoid sexual discriminati

Is Wonder Woman a Heroine Or a Shero?

One reason I started my website and blogging was to help women be proud of who they naturally are.  Too often we are afraid to say that men and women have different traits because we assume all traits identified as female will be labeled inferior.   Our society has historically favore

What Men and Women Can Teach Each Other About Teamwork

Last week I heard a woman say (paraphrasing) “Women should stop using teamwork as something they are better at than men.  Men play sports and use teamwork more so they are better at teamwork than women.”  My problem with this statement is that understanding teamwork through sports giv

Women and the Word “Just”

Those of you that have read a lot of my articles know I love to give a different perspective anytime there is an issue based on something women do differently from men and there is the assumption that what women do is wrong or inferior.   Last week I was going through old emails from

Leading From Within – A Leadership Style for Women

A common response from women to my website tagline “Empowering Women to Lead the Male-Dominated Workplace” is “I don’t want to lead men.” I often wonder why I get that response. Can it be their perception of leadership? When we think of leadership, we typically picture a leader who is

How Women Become Empowered

The tagline to my website is “Empowering Women to Lead the Male-Dominated Workplace.”  Since writing it, I’ve been amazed at how controversial this statement is.   This is because as a society we created a controversy instead of simply understanding the different perspectives men and

Our Fear of Being Powerful

I want to share a quote I’ve seen several times this past year:   “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. We ask ourselves “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, t

Speaking from a Female Perspective Isn’t Sexist

I read a post from a male friend on facebook who was upset over Carly Fiorina quoting Margret Thatcher during the Republican debate: “If you want something talked about, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” He was angry at her for both saying it and thinking it. He