Be Confident In Your Doubts and Questions

We’ve all worked with that guy – you know, that guy who is so confident he has the answer for every situation and problem.  I’ve worked with lots of these guys over the years.  However, it was the first guy like this that I helped me figure out how to deal with them.  His name was Ter

What Are We Doing Wrong?

After last week’s presidential election, many of us are questioning what it will take for women to finally shatter the big glass ceiling.  Is there something we are missing – something we aren’t doing or doing wrong? The answer is – Yes. We are too focused on motivating, inspiring and

The Important Thing Women Still Don’t Do When Sexually Harassed

Sexual harassment is back in the headlines.  And it is pretty much a repeat of what happens every time the issue is raised.  There is a lot of sensational media drama as the story swirls around pitting her word against his.  Without witnesses or proof there is no resolution and no acc

How to Break the Power of the Top-Down System

Beginning in childhood we are taught that we can’t act on our own. We have to wait for permission from our parents and other adults of authority.  We are also taught that the smartest, most educated, experienced and/or best people rise to the top of our businesses, organizations and i

Should You Leave Your Job After Being Sexually Harassed?

Should a woman quit her job after being sexually harassed? Recently Trump stirred up some media controversy when he said that if his daughter Ivanka was sexually harassed at work “I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case.” This o

The Reality of Being a Change Agent

Recently I read an article about how to be an effective Change Agent.  The article listed the characteristics of a Change Agent as Positive, Visionary, Likeable, Open and Strategic.  It is through these qualities that the Change Agent has the ability to alter the deeply held beliefs o

What a Mary Kay Lady Taught a Female Engineer

I often see it cited that one reason women aren’t advancing in the male-dominated workplace is because women don’t have enough female role models.  I always question how much of a factor this really is because I never had an older woman in my profession to be my role model.  I don’t k

The Importance of Alligator Trophies

I wanted to do a follow up to last week’s article Political Swamp Wars 2016 because I got some great positive feedback reinforcing a point:  When we are at work, we all need to have a bit of Alligator Slayer in us.  That after all is what our employers expect – they expect us to deliv

How Women Can Excel Above Men in Middle Management

When I was a kid growing up we understood that when people went to work, they did something tangible.  We understood what the mailman, policeman, salesman, doctor, dentist, nurse and teacher did.  Then a new job emerged – the middle manager.  We asked our parents what they did b

How To Get Justice When You Are Wronged

We experience a wrong-doing at work.  It upsets us.  We want justice.  We want management to be just as outraged and upset as us but they aren’t.  They just make it to go away.  This makes us even angrier that this is how the system works.  It isn’t fair. We have all been there – expe

Do Women Self-Discriminate?

Recently I read a comment in a post: “Women want to be treated the same as men except when they want to be treated differently.” Then I did a double take – the comment was written by a woman and had over 10,000 Likes.  Wow! I couldn’t help but wonder what experiences 10,000 people had

Run to the Ball!

A few weeks ago while walking my dog in the park I watched a father hit baseballs to his young son.  The boy standing in place missed several balls as they hit the ground all around him.  His father finally said “You have to run to the ball.  Don’t wait for it to come to you.”  The bo

Getting the Biggest Bang Buck for Your Time at Work

As I discussed last week, I’ve been looking into the statements we hear about how women make $0.77 for every $1.00 a man in earns.  To be clear, none of the studies show that this discrepancy is for the same job.  These are overall numbers.  Within the same job title I saw numbers lik

Knowing Your Value is Critical to Getting Paid What You Are Worth

There is a lot of discussion about how women earn $0.77 for every $1.00 men earn.  In the short media sound bite clips we are led to believe that this is primarily due to wage discrimination and women being poor wage/salary negotiators.  This is misleading.  This is not to say wage di

How I Got Over My Fear of Public Speaking

My freshman year in high school I had to give a speech in front of my class.  Before I began I looked out at my audience and saw bored, zoned out faces.  I knew no one was listening and no one cared what I said.  It seemed a waste of their time and a waste of my time.  After that spee

You Don’t Have To Have All Of The Answers

Last week a friend called me completely freaked out about a short notice presentation she has to give.  Her topic is on an innovation idea she’s been promoting to add protein to diets in developing countries.  But without much support to date, she hasn’t fully developed her idea.  Thi

Leading From Within – A Leadership Style for Women

A common response from women to my website tagline “Empowering Women to Lead the Male-Dominated Workplace” is “I don’t want to lead men.” I often wonder why I get that response. Can it be their perception of leadership? When we think of leadership, we typically picture a leader who is

Finally All Military Combat Positions Open to Women

I was going to publish another article but just saw that the Secretary of Defense is going to announce a plan to open all combat positions to women. I’m glad women will now have the opportunities I couldn’t. When I was in the Air Force women weren’t allowed to be any “combat” position

Re-Energizing Yourself Is Critical in the Male-Dominated Workplace

        How do you recharge yourself after a stressful day at work? I used to answer that question by saying I go running or I go cycling.  I also love massages and reflexology.  In one high stress job I got a pedicure every 4 weeks.  But in thinking about it that

Understanding The Male-Dominated Conference Room

Instead of a blog, let's do a little quiz. I stumbled across this webpage and immediately thought it represented a lot of what I discuss. Follow the link and give me your first reaction. Conference Room Training. What was your first reaction?