Ladies – Supporting an Issue Isn’t Enough!

Recently I read through the Action Plan of a women’s organization I was interested in joining.  As I read, I kept wondering what action I am supposed to take?  What am I supposed to do? This is a huge problem women have. We have ideas, principles and values.  Let’s call these Abstract

Do Men Hate Conflict More Than Women?

Women are taught to think of men as tough and aggressive.  But then we work with men and discover that most men hate conflict.  They run away from it…literally. Have you noticed that Trump, in spite of his tough, confrontational television “You’re fired!” persona, fires by tweet? It’s

How to Have a Well-Attended Meeting

Do you dread attending meetings? Do the rest of your co-workers feel the same way? Do most of your workplace’s meetings start late because you are waiting for everyone to show up? I discovered the cure. Food. Nothing gets people’s attention in the office more than food.  If there are

4 Ways To Explain the Unique Value of Women

Many women don’t really understand the real tangible value women bring to the workplace.  This is because we are led to believe that for all of the centuries women were not part of the workforce, the all-male workplace functioned just fine.  The proof of that is in all of its accompli

Combatting BMOC Syndrome

Being a woman working in a career-field dominated by men, I’ve run into countless men afflicted with BMOC Syndrome. Usually the first warning sign that a male colleague has contracted the syndrome is the aggressive declaration “I want to be in charge” accompanied by the look and body

We Need More Women As Achievers

When men and women go into the same trade, vocation or profession they take very different career paths.  Men tend to take the path that leads to the higher paying jobs and advancement while women take the path to lower paying government, secondary and support jobs that don’t offer as

The Other Side of #MeToo

Last year I was cycling by myself when I suddenly fell and did the ultimate face plant.  I don’t remember the fall, just waking up with my head laying across a man’s leg.  I heard him call 911 and report my list of injuries.  I remember him telling me I broke my wrist and me telling h

Women, Conformity, Validation and Confidence

It is common to hear that in comparison to men, women lack confidence and therefore seek more validation.   I’ve never believed this was a natural trait of women but a product of our conditioning.  As we grow from girls into women that conditioning is continuously reinforced so throug

Dealing With Men Who Go On Rants

Have you ever had a 6′-6″ 270 lb man come into your office and just explode all over you? That seems like a really intimidating situation for any woman.  But it isn’t – if you understand what is really going on. Like us, men get frustrated.  But unlike women, m

The Importance of Trust When Working With Men

It can be intimidating to be a woman entering an all-male workplace.  You expect the reception to be professional on the surface but don’t trust that it is an accurate representation of the real environment.  You don’t know what your male colleagues really think about working with a w

Finding Solutions to Advance Women

In order to advance women in the workplace, women need solutions for the unique issues and challenges we face.  That is why I started this website – there weren’t enough women who had been deep into the male-dominated workplace sharing the lessons they learned on how to work with men

Don’t Let a Skill Become a Trap

When I began my career my male colleagues didn’t know how a female engineer would be different from a male engineer.  They soon discovered the difference – “She can write!” At first I laughed because engineers are notoriously bad writers so it wasn’t difficult to do better.  But then

Have a 21st Century Concept of Management

Recently I shared a Facebook post in which Shira Goodman, CEO of Staples recalls her best career advice: “Be open to making lateral moves.” I agree – making lateral moves is what propelled my career too. However, we often think that we should stay within our functional area so w

How to See Someone Else’s Point of View

Recently I listened to a woman complain about a male colleague during which she said “I hate passive-aggressive behavior.”  After our conversation I realized that she was the one who was being passive aggressive. Our conversation reminded me of a simple, yet very powerful tool I learn

Have the Right Attitude to Stand Up for Yourself

When women experience inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment, bullying or discrimination in the workplace, we have a lot of reactions – shock, anger, resentment, fear.  Our mix of emotions creates confusion as we try to figure out what we should do about it. We want to hit the righ

Women Can Lead Men Through Culture Change

Construction sites have a reputation for crude behavior and the women who work on them can face behavior seldom found in other workplaces. This situation keeps most women away from the industry and those that do enter it often opt for support jobs in the office. Those of us who do ven

You Wanted It, You Got It!

Several years ago I was working on a project where some senior male managers didn’t want a woman in charge.  They wanted to prove that anything I could do, a man could do better. This was a particularly difficult project and men lasted about 2 months.  So every 2 months, I was back in

To Be Taken Seriously, You Must Assert Yourself

I am on the board of a small organization where all board members have equal power.  However, our current President is on a power trip and is trying to use the organization for his own personal purposes.  Another woman and I are countering his efforts but we go about it very different

She Should Have Stood Up For Herself

Recently I read an article in which a woman wrote about her experience interviewing for a new job.   She did all the research on the job and knew how much she should be paid.  During the interview, the men who interviewed her offered her 30% less than she expected and said it was beca

Be Confident In Your Doubts and Questions

We’ve all worked with that guy – you know, that guy who is so confident he has the answer for every situation and problem.  I’ve worked with lots of these guys over the years.  However, it was the first guy like this that I helped me figure out how to deal with them.  His name was Ter