Ladies – Supporting an Issue Isn’t Enough!

Recently I read through the Action Plan of a women’s organization I was interested in joining.  As I read, I kept wondering what action I am supposed to take?  What am I supposed to do? This is a huge problem women have. We have ideas, principles and values.  Let’s call these Abstract

Change For Women Won’t Come From the Top Down

There is an old fallacy that change happens from the top down. It says that in order for a company to institute a new initiative the first must-do step is: Get CEO buy-in!  The CEO then gets the buy-in of senior management.  Senior management then directs the initiative down to middle

The Reality of Being a Change Agent

Recently I read an article about how to be an effective Change Agent.  The article listed the characteristics of a Change Agent as Positive, Visionary, Likeable, Open and Strategic.  It is through these qualities that the Change Agent has the ability to alter the deeply held beliefs o