Do Men Hate Conflict More Than Women?

Women are taught to think of men as tough and aggressive.  But then we work with men and discover that most men hate conflict.  They run away from it…literally. Have you noticed that Trump, in spite of his tough, confrontational television “You’re fired!” persona, fires by tweet? It’s

Don’t Let a Skill Become a Trap

When I began my career my male colleagues didn’t know how a female engineer would be different from a male engineer.  They soon discovered the difference – “She can write!” At first I laughed because engineers are notoriously bad writers so it wasn’t difficult to do better.  But then

Open and Honest Communication Advances Women

I remember when it was rare to be a woman in the workplace who wasn’t a secretary or in HR.  I began my engineering career in the Air Force on a base with 5,000 airmen.  When I arrived you could count the number of female officers on one hand and the senior ranking woman was a 1