Be More Than Just the “Smart Girl”

At the end of last year I noticed a big trend in media – to treat women as “smart girls” and emphasize that we do better academically than men.  I am not sure what the purpose of this is but I do know it won’t help advance women in the workplace because it reinforces an old stereotype

Combatting BMOC Syndrome

Being a woman working in a career-field dominated by men, I’ve run into countless men afflicted with BMOC Syndrome. Usually the first warning sign that a male colleague has contracted the syndrome is the aggressive declaration “I want to be in charge” accompanied by the look and body

You Got a Degree But, Can You Get a Job?

Congratulations Women!  We are now earning 57% of the college degrees!!  Whoo-hooo!  We will soon close that nasty wage gap and have equal representation in the workplace all the way up to the board room.  Right? Not quite. When we focus just on getting a degree, any degree, we ignore

Women, Conformity, Validation and Confidence

It is common to hear that in comparison to men, women lack confidence and therefore seek more validation.   I’ve never believed this was a natural trait of women but a product of our conditioning.  As we grow from girls into women that conditioning is continuously reinforced so throug

Dealing With Men Who Go On Rants

Have you ever had a 6′-6″ 270 lb man come into your office and just explode all over you? That seems like a really intimidating situation for any woman.  But it isn’t – if you understand what is really going on. Like us, men get frustrated.  But unlike women, m

The Importance of Trust When Working With Men

It can be intimidating to be a woman entering an all-male workplace.  You expect the reception to be professional on the surface but don’t trust that it is an accurate representation of the real environment.  You don’t know what your male colleagues really think about working with a w

Finding Solutions to Advance Women

In order to advance women in the workplace, women need solutions for the unique issues and challenges we face.  That is why I started this website – there weren’t enough women who had been deep into the male-dominated workplace sharing the lessons they learned on how to work with men

Women Need Solutions, Not More Studies

When women need career advice our first instinct is to look on the internet.  This is what I did a few years ago.  I successfully broke through a barrier that read, “No Women Past This Point” and I knew I could go further.  I just needed help to get there. After a few hours of reading

Everything I Needed to Know About Bullying I Learned in First Grade

If you haven’t figured it out from reading my articles, I believe in women standing up for themselves.  I believe women can stand up to anybody and to institutional power.  After thinking about why I feel so strongly about this, I realized I learned this powerful lesson in the first g

From #MeToo to Action

After reading an article I got in a comment battle with another woman over how women should respond to sexual harassment and assault.  She was very focused on offering empathy and sitting up all night with a woman who has been hurt.  To her offering empathy and understanding is what e

Embrace Your Quirks

The true secret to success is being yourself – your true authentic self, full of strengths, weakness and quirks. We all gladly embrace our strengths.  We love to show them off.  But we should also be proud of our weaknesses and quirks because through them we find real strength. Embrac

The Power of “No”

Growing up women learn to say “No” to unacceptable behavior.   But people don’t always listen.  That’s because we are just saying “No” and not using the Power of “No.” Just saying “No” leaves the door open for negotiation. Does she really mean it?  Let me see.  Maybe if I pester her e

You Wanted It, You Got It!

Several years ago I was working on a project where some senior male managers didn’t want a woman in charge.  They wanted to prove that anything I could do, a man could do better. This was a particularly difficult project and men lasted about 2 months.  So every 2 months, I was back in

To Be Taken Seriously, You Must Assert Yourself

I am on the board of a small organization where all board members have equal power.  However, our current President is on a power trip and is trying to use the organization for his own personal purposes.  Another woman and I are countering his efforts but we go about it very different

She Should Have Stood Up For Herself

Recently I read an article in which a woman wrote about her experience interviewing for a new job.   She did all the research on the job and knew how much she should be paid.  During the interview, the men who interviewed her offered her 30% less than she expected and said it was beca

She Got It Right

I need to brag about my youngest daughter because she proved herself a good role model to other Millennials. My daughter is in school to become a veterinary technician where she is required to do internships.  She wanted to do an internship at an equine clinic and she researched vario

How to Change Sexist Perceptions

I read a lot of articles about women in the workplace and it seems we are fixated on identifying every slight, bad comment and bit of poor behavior. I’ve been told many times that the intent is generate awareness of sexual biases in the workplace and let women know what they are facin

Be Confident In Your Doubts and Questions

We’ve all worked with that guy – you know, that guy who is so confident he has the answer for every situation and problem.  I’ve worked with lots of these guys over the years.  However, it was the first guy like this that I helped me figure out how to deal with them.  His name was Ter

It’s Time To Get Out Of The 20th Century And Start Thinking Like 21st Century Women

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a woman who coached professional women.  When I told her I was in the construction industry we struck up a conversation about the male-dominated workplace.  As she talked I kept thinking “That hasn’t really been my experience” but I continued

Championing Women’s Issues

Every 4 years, when the U.S. has a presidential election, women’s issues are discussed…mainly by male politicians, commentators and pundits who ignorantly speak with great authority .  This cycle was no exception. We had a debate over which bathrooms transgender people should use.  My