How To Train Employees In A Male-Dominated Workplace

When you attend training, what do you hope to get out of it? Do you expect to get step by step instructions or the answer on how to solve a problem? Do you expect the person training you to be better at the task than you? Is it Ok with you that person a professional trainer/instruc

How To Solve A Problem You Know Nothing About

How to solve a problem you know nothing about During the Ebola scare I noticed that our government leaders felt compelled to project that they had answers even though they clearly didn’t. They could not admit that they didn’t have the answer. They believe this gives us confidence i

The Misperception of Selling Your Idea in the Male-Dominated Workplace

There are more articles going around about how women don’t speak up in the conference room – but this time there is a new twist. Now we are being told of new perils if we do speak up - we are viewed as being too aggressive and we will be looked at disfavor ably. So what’s the lates

The Wisdom Of Playing Dumb

When I start a new project or a new job I like playing dumb. I pretend I know absolutely nothing about how to do my job. Is that shocking? It is so contrary to what we think we should do – we should always show our knowledge and that we know exactly what to do in any work situati

Is It Teamwork Or Just Competition?

When I think about teamwork, I think of a group of people working together to achieve a common objective. In teamwork each person has their role and they subordinate themselves and their personal importance to the larger objective. Teamwork makes us feel good about ourselves and our

Only A Woman Can Save This Company!

I started this website to teach other women the concepts I successfully used in my career.  Little did I know that I preparing myself for my biggest challenge yet into the male-dominated workplace. I want to share this experience because I was in such an extreme condition and yet I dr

Pearls of Wisdom

When I entered the Air Force many years ago, I was told that I needed a “Sponsor” to help ensure my rise through the ranks. My Sponsor should be a higher ranking officer who was upwardly mobile. My Sponsor should also have a Sponsor who was a well-connected senior ranking officer wh

Finding the Formula For Making Coffee

I came across this story that a woman (Linda) posted on LinkedIn.  It goes along with a lot of my recent posts so I want to share it with you.  This is one of those stories that we like to pass on.  And generally that is what we would do. But I want to take it one (actually several) s

2012 Year of the Woman; 2013 Year of the Businessman Hero

I came across a statement I made in an article : The successful businessman is the Hero and the driver of our society. If you are paying attention to the stock market, 2013 is proving this statement is true. I don’t know what made me do it but on January 20th I turned on CNBC.

Celebrate the Milestones!

The Woman In The Room is one year old!! For me this is a milestone and cause to celebrate! At work, how do you celebrate milestones and achievements? Are they subdued? Do you talk about doing something and then nothing really materializes? Who is responsible for or takes the le

Are Good Business Women More Like Men?

When I started my career there was a common saying about women who went into non-traditional career fields: “They are looking for a man or they want to be a man.” Think about the two extreme options this statement presents for women. Our choices are that we are desperate to get m

Why Women Need to Aspire to Great Citizenship

In my last article, The Woman In the Arena, I quoted an excerpt from Teddy Roosevelt’s “Citizenship In A Republic” speech that he deliver in 1910.  When I wrote the article I looked up the entire speech and found another excerpt that has tremendous meaning for where our culture and ec

The Woman In The Arena

I like to express myself at work. If I had my druthers, I would start every day blaring a song that fit the mood of the day. But I was never quite able to put together a large enough sound system. So I found another method. I started digging up quotes to fit the mood and plaster

Women Help Companies Improve Collaboration – So What?

One of the traits women are most credited with is improving collaboration. We get more people to open up and participate in conversations and problem solving. The result is a more complete solution to a problem. Sounds great – in theory! The issue many women face is that coll

A Woman Personalizes Her Business To Lead

Have you ever noticed years that singers have their biggest hits when they sing songs that they pick or write themselves, not what the industry tells them to sing? They do best when they connect with a song to express who they really are. When I think about this Garth Brooks

How A Woman’s Perspective Changes the World

Monday morning I was finishing up this article as the news came on about the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. I decided to re-write it since I talk about a study I did on terrorism several years ago. Back in 1985 when I was an Air Force 1st Lt. I had a project dumped on me. Orig

Energizing Women To Lead the Male-Dominated Workplace

I never really liked my tag line “Empowering Women for Success in the Male-Dominated Workplace.” To me it sounds kind of blah-blah, boring typical professional language. I always felt it was missing something – that it wasn’t exactly hitting the mark of what I needed to say, but I

The Best Way to Deal with Intimidation Is To Be Infuriating

Have you ever been called infuriating? I have – many times – “You are the most infuriating woman I’ve ever known!” Even though it was meant to belittle me, I take it as a compliment.  My reply is simply “Thank you.” The scenarios in which I’ve been called infuriating are a

Working Women Should Raise Their Families On Their Terms

It’s hard for me to believe that after 30 years, women are still discussing working versus spending time with family – it is an issue we should have settled years ago. It’s actually very simple - do what you think is best for you and your family. You don’t have to meet anyone

It’s Time To Stop Talking About Work-Life Balance!

It seems every discussion lately about working women is tied to the term "work-life balance." Having been there, done that - I don't get it! I don't know what the issue is or what point women are trying to make. Are women trying to justify leaving work to watch the kids at socc