Are We Advancing Or Is It All Just An Illusion?

In my last few articles I’ve danced around an issue and now I am just going to put it out there. Is corporate America using female employees as a ploy in their business development and marketing? And even worse, are women blind to it?

Location, Location, Location

I’ve looked at a lot of company websites lately and notice that there are a lot more women listed in the staff and corporate officer pages. Can it be – women are finally breaking through the corporate ranks?!! Being me, I always do a little more reading – where is the company headqu

Are You In A Pretty Little Box?

A magazine published an article about the advances women are making in construction. To my surprise the article featured a former co-worker of mine and painted a pretty rosy picture. Reading the article it sounds like women have finally achieved parity with men in construction. The

Establish Yourself As A Leader With A Process Meeting

A few weeks after I got to my large construction project in the-middle-of-nowhere New Mexico, I walked into the superintendent’s area and found most of my staff deep in discussion about a process. A functional manager within the company distributed the process dictating - It must be

Tell Me The Ugly Truth

An article titled “Another Woman Makes It In Construction” caught my attention. The article was about a woman who was retiring after a successful career in construction industry. Cool! As I read further into the article, I learned that her career was not as I expected. She was the

“My Team” OR “The Team”

As I write my articles I find myself correcting my writing based upon the counseling session I had with a manager many years ago. He did not like it when I referred to my direct reports as “My Team.” He wanted me to say “The Team”. I didn’t like saying that. Even as I write today,

The Great American Alligator Slayer

I first wrote about the Great American Alligator Slayer © in 1991.  I got the idea from thinking about how I was told to distinguish myself and get ahead at work.  It is a very male concept. As a woman, you don’t want to embrace this concept for yourself but it is important to underst