Seeing and Believing In the Equality of Women

What value do women, bring to the workplace? For centuries the accepted answer was “None.”  Even today most of us can still only give a vague answer.  We hear that companies with more women perform better but we can’t specifically state why that is.  Without a clear answer, women don’

Do Women Self-Discriminate?

Recently I read a comment in a post: “Women want to be treated the same as men except when they want to be treated differently.” Then I did a double take – the comment was written by a woman and had over 10,000 Likes.  Wow! I couldn’t help but wonder what experiences 10,000 people had

Run to the Ball!

A few weeks ago while walking my dog in the park I watched a father hit baseballs to his young son.  The boy standing in place missed several balls as they hit the ground all around him.  His father finally said “You have to run to the ball.  Don’t wait for it to come to you.”  The bo