Female Traits – The Key to High Workplace Performance

I haven’t written any blogs lately because I’ve been consolidating all of my ideas into a book. It turned out to be more involved and comprehensive than I expected. Now that I am in the editing stages, I am focusing on a central theme – How women’s natural traits are the key to achi

How to Use the Rachel Letter To End Swamp Wars

In the season 3 finale and the season 4 premier of Friends, Ross and Rachel decide to get back together. But Rachel has one condition – she writes Ross a long letter in which she describes everything that went wrong with the relationship and Ross has to accept full responsibility. R

How To Seize Recognition As A Woman

One of the biggest critiques we hear is that unlike our male colleagues, we don’t self-promote enough. We are told we need to let our managers know what we accomplish because that is what our male colleagues do and unless we do what men do, we can’t compete with them. But this advic

The Cult of True Womanhood

Did you ever wonder where all this “women are weak, timid and lack self-confidence” stuff came from? We often think of the 1950’s and the visions of the idealistic stay at home mother in her apron and pearls but it actually goes back to the period from 1820 – 1860. This was an age w