Is Wonder Woman a Heroine Or a Shero?

One reason I started my website and blogging was to help women be proud of who they naturally are.  Too often we are afraid to say that men and women have different traits because we assume all traits identified as female will be labeled inferior.   Our society has historically favore

2012 Year of the Woman; 2013 Year of the Businessman Hero

I came across a statement I made in an article : The successful businessman is the Hero and the driver of our society. If you are paying attention to the stock market, 2013 is proving this statement is true. I don’t know what made me do it but on January 20th I turned on CNBC.

Swamp Wars – The Battle for Status

Last week while I was in that semiconscious state of falling asleep with the TV on, I heard the TV characters talking about Odysseus and how he was the classic hero. The characters went on to discuss how humans love heroes. Then one character questioned the other “What do heroes alw