The Misperception of Selling Your Idea in the Male-Dominated Workplace

There are more articles going around about how women don’t speak up in the conference room – but this time there is a new twist. Now we are being told of new perils if we do speak up - we are viewed as being too aggressive and we will be looked at disfavor ably. So what’s the lates

Celebrate the Milestones!

The Woman In The Room is one year old!! For me this is a milestone and cause to celebrate! At work, how do you celebrate milestones and achievements? Are they subdued? Do you talk about doing something and then nothing really materializes? Who is responsible for or takes the le

A Woman Personalizes Her Business To Lead

Have you ever noticed years that singers have their biggest hits when they sing songs that they pick or write themselves, not what the industry tells them to sing? They do best when they connect with a song to express who they really are. When I think about this Garth Brooks

How To Map Processes, The Simple Way

I tell women to learn their company’s operating and management systems as a foundation for building a success career. But most women (and men) have never been taught how to think in terms of systems or how to map out processes so my advice may seem daunting. If you took the initia