It’s Time To Get Out Of The 20th Century And Start Thinking Like 21st Century Women

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a woman who coached professional women.  When I told her I was in the construction industry we struck up a conversation about the male-dominated workplace.  As she talked I kept thinking “That hasn’t really been my experience” but I continued

What a Secretary Taught a Female Engineer

When I went into the Air Force as an engineering officer in 1982 my first reaction to my new workplace was: “What the Hell?  I thought you guys knew what you were doing!” My reaction came from the perspective of a young woman raised at a time when society believed men excelled in busi

The Importance of Alligator Trophies

I wanted to do a follow up to last week’s article Political Swamp Wars 2016 because I got some great positive feedback reinforcing a point:  When we are at work, we all need to have a bit of Alligator Slayer in us.  That after all is what our employers expect – they expect us to deliv

Political Swamp Wars

Like everyone else I am tuned into this year’s Presidential race but I am fascinated by it from a different perspective.  After working in and studying the male-dominated workplace for 30 years, I am fascinated by watching so much of what I talk and write about play out daily on the t

How Women Can Excel Above Men in Middle Management

When I was a kid growing up we understood that when people went to work, they did something tangible.  We understood what the mailman, policeman, salesman, doctor, dentist, nurse and teacher did.  Then a new job emerged – the middle manager.  We asked our parents what they did b

Why Women Are Mean to Other Women In the Workplace?

We want to think of women as caring and we hope their presence makes the workplace a more cooperative environment.  As one of my female traits I list that women work in groups and we assume that their groups are cooperative and supportive.  While we want to associate women with positi

How Women Become Empowered

The tagline to my website is “Empowering Women to Lead the Male-Dominated Workplace.”  Since writing it, I’ve been amazed at how controversial this statement is.   This is because as a society we created a controversy instead of simply understanding the different perspectives men and

Women’s Number One Advantage in the Male-Dominated Workplace

Recently I had a discussion with an older retired woman who started her career in engineering in the 70’s. She spent her college days and most of her career as the woman in the room. Shortly into our talk she brought up how her male colleagues would drive her nuts. It wasn’t how they

What Does Abstracts in Action Mean?

What do I mean by Abstracts in Action and Abstracts in Action? When we discuss what men and women do when assigned a task, we hear that men take off into action while women start talking and building relationships.  We get to action later. We learn to associate action and getting thin

Are You Part of the Male Hierarchy?

I hear from a lot of women who don’t feel as powerful at work as they want to be. They feel like the male hierarchy shuts them down or holds them back. I understand exactly what they are talking about. However, I don’t let my male colleagues and their hierarchy affect me. How?

Female Traits – The Key to High Workplace Performance

I haven’t written any blogs lately because I’ve been consolidating all of my ideas into a book. It turned out to be more involved and comprehensive than I expected. Now that I am in the editing stages, I am focusing on a central theme – How women’s natural traits are the key to achi

Staying Positive in the Male-Dominated Workplace

The greatest female trait is our projection of positive energy. But for women working in the male-dominated workplace it sometimes feels like our ability to do that is being shut down. For reasons we don’t quite understand we feel under attack. Sometimes it is the things our male c

Understanding The Male-Dominated Conference Room

Instead of a blog, let's do a little quiz. I stumbled across this webpage and immediately thought it represented a lot of what I discuss. Follow the link and give me your first reaction. Conference Room Training. What was your first reaction?

Why You Should Keep Personal and Professional Separate In the Workplace

I can’t believe I haven’t written about this yet because out of all the topics I can think of, this is the topic I deal with the most – people using company cell phones, computers, office, desks and file cabinets as if they are their own personal property. I think I kept pushing it

Women Hold Up Half The Sky

Recently I came across some essays written by Barbara Spraker that speak to the power of feminine energy based on the Tao concept that women hold up half the sky. She writes: "So claims an ancient Chinese proverb – “Women Hold Up Half the Sky.” This amazing image doesn’t descri

Your Attitude About You Is Critical in The Male-Dominated Workplace

The blog-o-sphere is full of articles right now telling women how unfair the male-dominated workplace is towards women. We hear about how much harder we work but get fewer rewards, pay and promotions. We hear that women are viewed as abrasive and bossy. We hear that if we are not b

Why the Male-Dominated Workplace Doesn’t Teach Employees to Problem Solve

There are days at work when I just want to yell “Leave me alone!! Do I have to solve everybody’s problems for them?! Can’t you guys solve problems yourself?” Twenty years ago, when I had fewer responsibilities, I liked solving problems, any one’s problems. I found it challengin

How To Train Employees In A Male-Dominated Workplace

When you attend training, what do you hope to get out of it? Do you expect to get step by step instructions or the answer on how to solve a problem? Do you expect the person training you to be better at the task than you? Is it Ok with you that person a professional trainer/instruc

How To Energize The Dull Male-Dominated Workplace

Let’s admit it - the male-dominated workplace can be pretty dull. This is one of the reasons I liked being out on a construction site - we had a lot more fun! On site, we weren’t trying to impress anyone with a corporate image like we had to in the main office. In the main office yo

How To Solve A Problem You Know Nothing About

How to solve a problem you know nothing about During the Ebola scare I noticed that our government leaders felt compelled to project that they had answers even though they clearly didn’t. They could not admit that they didn’t have the answer. They believe this gives us confidence i