Ladies – Supporting an Issue Isn’t Enough!

Recently I read through the Action Plan of a women’s organization I was interested in joining.  As I read, I kept wondering what action I am supposed to take?  What am I supposed to do? This is a huge problem women have. We have ideas, principles and values.  Let’s call these Abstract

Re-Energizing Yourself Is Critical in the Male-Dominated Workplace

        How do you recharge yourself after a stressful day at work? I used to answer that question by saying I go running or I go cycling.  I also love massages and reflexology.  In one high stress job I got a pedicure every 4 weeks.  But in thinking about it that

How to Blend Male and Female Problem Solving Skills in the Male-Dominated Workplace

I’ve probably mentioned this before but my biggest pet peeve at work is that people can’t problem solve. Working in the construction industry where we come across problems on a daily basis this is especially frustrating. Looking through some old notes this week, I found some example

Only A Woman Can Save This Company!

I started this website to teach other women the concepts I successfully used in my career.  Little did I know that I preparing myself for my biggest challenge yet into the male-dominated workplace. I want to share this experience because I was in such an extreme condition and yet I dr

Why Women Need to Aspire to Great Citizenship

In my last article, The Woman In the Arena, I quoted an excerpt from Teddy Roosevelt’s “Citizenship In A Republic” speech that he deliver in 1910.  When I wrote the article I looked up the entire speech and found another excerpt that has tremendous meaning for where our culture and ec

Women Help Companies Improve Collaboration – So What?

One of the traits women are most credited with is improving collaboration. We get more people to open up and participate in conversations and problem solving. The result is a more complete solution to a problem. Sounds great – in theory! The issue many women face is that coll

A Woman Personalizes Her Business To Lead

Have you ever noticed years that singers have their biggest hits when they sing songs that they pick or write themselves, not what the industry tells them to sing? They do best when they connect with a song to express who they really are. When I think about this Garth Brooks

How A Woman’s Perspective Changes the World

Monday morning I was finishing up this article as the news came on about the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. I decided to re-write it since I talk about a study I did on terrorism several years ago. Back in 1985 when I was an Air Force 1st Lt. I had a project dumped on me. Orig

Energizing Women To Lead the Male-Dominated Workplace

I never really liked my tag line “Empowering Women for Success in the Male-Dominated Workplace.” To me it sounds kind of blah-blah, boring typical professional language. I always felt it was missing something – that it wasn’t exactly hitting the mark of what I needed to say, but I

The Best Way to Deal with Intimidation Is To Be Infuriating

Have you ever been called infuriating? I have – many times – “You are the most infuriating woman I’ve ever known!” Even though it was meant to belittle me, I take it as a compliment.  My reply is simply “Thank you.” The scenarios in which I’ve been called infuriating are a

It’s Time To Stop Talking About Work-Life Balance!

It seems every discussion lately about working women is tied to the term "work-life balance." Having been there, done that - I don't get it! I don't know what the issue is or what point women are trying to make. Are women trying to justify leaving work to watch the kids at socc

Are We Advancing Or Is It All Just An Illusion?

In my last few articles I’ve danced around an issue and now I am just going to put it out there. Is corporate America using female employees as a ploy in their business development and marketing? And even worse, are women blind to it?

Are You In A Pretty Little Box?

A magazine published an article about the advances women are making in construction. To my surprise the article featured a former co-worker of mine and painted a pretty rosy picture. Reading the article it sounds like women have finally achieved parity with men in construction. The

Tell Me The Ugly Truth

An article titled “Another Woman Makes It In Construction” caught my attention. The article was about a woman who was retiring after a successful career in construction industry. Cool! As I read further into the article, I learned that her career was not as I expected. She was the

How Women Can Be Aggressive Enough to Get to and Survive at the Top

We are told that to rise to the top 1% you have to be very aggressive…cutthroat even. A week ago two billionaires –Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman - went at each other live on CNBC. It was re-aired several times, billed as the “Clash of the Titans” or “The Battle of the Billionaires”.

A Blue Zone “Motivational” Letter

I came across a letter that I want to share with women. This letter is VERY Blue Zone and meant to inspire the overwhelmingly male managers within the company to achieve the 2013 financial goals. I am curious as to women’s reaction to this letter. Does it inspire you? This is th

Don’t Be OnThe Swamp War Sidelines

I came up with the concept of Swamp Wars about two years ago. It stemmed from my work experiences and for a while I thought it was unique to my industry because we have so many classic Alligator Slayers. But as I wrote this series of articles (Swamp Wars and The Rachel Letter) the nat

Swamp Wars – The Battle for Status

Last week while I was in that semiconscious state of falling asleep with the TV on, I heard the TV characters talking about Odysseus and how he was the classic hero. The characters went on to discuss how humans love heroes. Then one character questioned the other “What do heroes alw

Shades of Purple

When we discuss women advancing their careers we cannot assume that all women have the same challenges.  Our challenges are defined by who we are and the culture of our work environment I introduced the Purple Zone, as an evolution beyond thinking of men and women in terms of pink and

How Your Male Co-Workers View Your Availability

Last week Meghan Casserly of Forbes published an article – Every Man You Work With Thinks You Want to Sleep With Him. This article raised some eyebrows. Is this true? Do the men we work with look at us sexually even though we have platonic relationships? And is it true that it doe