Balancing Work and Family – Conflict For All

Women discuss their work and family conflicts but we often forget this is not just a female issue. The reality is that men today have many of the same family and life conflicts as their female co-workers. How many of your male coworkers and managers are divorced or have a working wif

Men And Work Hours – It’s All About Image

When women entered the male dominated workplace we were confident we had the fortitude to climb the corporate ladder with our kids and family life slung over our shoulder. We knew we were great multi-taskers and time managers. So, there should be nothing barring us from climbing the c

How To Seize Recognition As A Woman

One of the biggest critiques we hear is that unlike our male colleagues, we don’t self-promote enough. We are told we need to let our managers know what we accomplish because that is what our male colleagues do and unless we do what men do, we can’t compete with them. But this advic

Stay Out Of The Blue Zone

When women entered the workplace it was very male. We assumed that the way men conducted business was the right way, it was the best way. We had to fit into their way of doing things – after all that IS how business is done. That is the mistake women made – thinking that we had t

The Cult of True Womanhood

Did you ever wonder where all this “women are weak, timid and lack self-confidence” stuff came from? We often think of the 1950’s and the visions of the idealistic stay at home mother in her apron and pearls but it actually goes back to the period from 1820 – 1860. This was an age w

Understanding Baby Boomer Men And Their Drive For Status

Baby boomer men make up most of the senior management ranks. As a baby boomer myself, I grew up with these men and know what they were taught. We were raised with a societal framework that shaped our expectations for our lives. It is important, especially for younger generations, to u

Risk Intelligence

I was watching the Dylan Ratigan show and he was interviewing Dylan Evans who wrote a book called Risk Intelligence.  Ladies, you need to understand this concept!  We are told that we don’t exhibit enough self-confidence at work.  Well, what Mr. Evans proves is that those who have all

The Great American Alligator Slayer

I first wrote about the Great American Alligator Slayer © in 1991.  I got the idea from thinking about how I was told to distinguish myself and get ahead at work.  It is a very male concept. As a woman, you don’t want to embrace this concept for yourself but it is important to underst

How To Use The Power Seat

I introduced the concept of the power seat and told you how to find it in your conference room in my article Understanding the Power Seat.  Now it is time to learn how to use it so you can take lead a discussion and lead your collegues to better solutions.

How Men Are Taught To Solve Problems

From the example on the “Your Best Leverage” page, poor Bob has to build a wall but has no material.  There is a crisis!  And in the male workplace that is a cry for action!  But will the male approach really solve the crisis or just lead to new problems? Let’s look at how

High Heels

I was working at an on-site construction office and I kept hearing rumors that I wore high heels to work.  I had 2 pairs I wore, one black and one brown.  To me they were  boring 2″ heels and definately not sexy.  They were “office shoes.”  If I went out on site, I h

Understanding The Power Seat

One of the most difficult things for most women to do is get their ideas heard when they are in a room full of men.  Men can be loud and assertive, if not aggressive, in order to shut down the ideas of others.   At the extreme a discussion can turn into nothing more than a competition

Systems-Thinking is Critical to Our Success

For women it is critical that we have a basic understanding of the principles of LEAN principles and systems-thinking. It is through systems-thinking that we can improve the processes our employees use to perform work. Systems-thinking is a natural fit for women while men are taught

SAC Missile Comp

In one of my earliest career assignments I used processes to train a team for a competition. Even though the team was by far the most inexperienced, their knowledge of the singular best process allowed them to excel. I learned that having the "best and the brightest" does not guaran