Have a 21st Century Concept of Management

Recently I shared a Facebook post in which Shira Goodman, CEO of Staples recalls her best career advice: “Be open to making lateral moves.” I agree – making lateral moves is what propelled my career too. However, we often think that we should stay within our functional area so w

If I Have To Get Down In The Weeds…

Have you ever heard a manager say “If I have to get down in the weeds then what do I need you for?” I’ve heard it many times. Why do they say that? Is it just to make you feel inferior – incapable of doing your job? When I hear a manager say this, my first thought is that he d

Understanding Why Being A Manager Became So Important

There is a great divide between managers and the average worker which is once again gaining attention.  Have you ever wondered how this came about, why there is so much animosity between the two? The following is an explanation that I read nearly 25 years ago.  What I find so interest