How to Have a Well-Attended Meeting

Do you dread attending meetings? Do the rest of your co-workers feel the same way? Do most of your workplace’s meetings start late because you are waiting for everyone to show up? I discovered the cure. Food. Nothing gets people’s attention in the office more than food.  If there are

Establish Yourself As A Leader With A Process Meeting

A few weeks after I got to my large construction project in the-middle-of-nowhere New Mexico, I walked into the superintendent’s area and found most of my staff deep in discussion about a process. A functional manager within the company distributed the process dictating - It must be

Understanding The Power Seat

One of the most difficult things for most women to do is get their ideas heard when they are in a room full of men.  Men can be loud and assertive, if not aggressive, in order to shut down the ideas of others.   At the extreme a discussion can turn into nothing more than a competition