If You Can’t Win At The Game, Change The Game

At a recent dinner a woman and I were talking about women in tech.  She brought up a story about a young woman who was the only woman in her department.  One of her male co-workers dropped $2 every day into her cubicle.  He did it to diminish her – to make her feel like a sex object.

How to Have a Well-Attended Meeting

Do you dread attending meetings? Do the rest of your co-workers feel the same way? Do most of your workplace’s meetings start late because you are waiting for everyone to show up? I discovered the cure. Food. Nothing gets people’s attention in the office more than food.  If there are

Everything I Needed to Know About Bullying I Learned in First Grade

If you haven’t figured it out from reading my articles, I believe in women standing up for themselves.  I believe women can stand up to anybody and to institutional power.  After thinking about why I feel so strongly about this, I realized I learned this powerful lesson in the first g

It Isn’t Always About Power

The current narrative says that all  unwanted sexual attention and harassment is based in power.  It isn’t. Sometimes it is simply about sex. I’ve never had unwanted attention from or been sexually harassed or abused by any man I work for.  One senior manager may have wanted to but I

The HUGE Misperception Women Have About The Male-Dominated Workplace

Women have a HUGE misperception about the male-dominated workplace that has done incredible damage to our efforts to advance. Women work from a narrative that says men want to climb to the top so they can have power over others.  Many women believe men aspire to control and dominate o

Women Do More Than Create Balance

When we talk about how women influence the male-dominated workplace we often say that women create balance.  But that isn’t very impactful and it doesn’t portray the full power of women. When we think of women balancing men we equate it to men going too far and women tempering their e

To Be Taken Seriously, You Must Assert Yourself

I am on the board of a small organization where all board members have equal power.  However, our current President is on a power trip and is trying to use the organization for his own personal purposes.  Another woman and I are countering his efforts but we go about it very different

Women Help Companies Improve Collaboration – So What?

One of the traits women are most credited with is improving collaboration. We get more people to open up and participate in conversations and problem solving. The result is a more complete solution to a problem. Sounds great – in theory! The issue many women face is that coll

50 Years To Work – More Than Enough Time to Have It All

When women entered the workplace in the 1970’s there was so much talk about women doing it all and the conflict of having a career and raising a family. Growing up in that era, it seemed we had such a short time to get it all done. We grew up hearing about working 30 years and retir

Values – Women’s Source of Empowerment

I read another one of those articles on a post from the Harvard Business Review stating that women often don’t get what they want or deserve because they don’t ask for it.  Does anyone else feel like me after I read these types of articles – here’s another thing I’m doing wrong.  Here

The Great American Alligator Slayer

I first wrote about the Great American Alligator Slayer © in 1991.  I got the idea from thinking about how I was told to distinguish myself and get ahead at work.  It is a very male concept. As a woman, you don’t want to embrace this concept for yourself but it is important to underst

How To Use The Power Seat

I introduced the concept of the power seat and told you how to find it in your conference room in my article Understanding the Power Seat.  Now it is time to learn how to use it so you can take lead a discussion and lead your collegues to better solutions.

Understanding The Power Seat

One of the most difficult things for most women to do is get their ideas heard when they are in a room full of men.  Men can be loud and assertive, if not aggressive, in order to shut down the ideas of others.   At the extreme a discussion can turn into nothing more than a competition