Embrace Your Quirks

The true secret to success is being yourself – your true authentic self, full of strengths, weakness and quirks. We all gladly embrace our strengths.  We love to show them off.  But we should also be proud of our weaknesses and quirks because through them we find real strength. Embrac

In A Crisis, Why Women Need To Take Charge

I built my career on being the person who turned around failing operations and projects. It is really hard work and extremely stressful. It wasn’t until I wrote my article on men and work hours that I really started questioning why I (and the other women in the office) stay in there

The Cult of True Womanhood

Did you ever wonder where all this “women are weak, timid and lack self-confidence” stuff came from? We often think of the 1950’s and the visions of the idealistic stay at home mother in her apron and pearls but it actually goes back to the period from 1820 – 1860. This was an age w

Values – Women’s Source of Empowerment

I read another one of those articles on a post from the Harvard Business Review stating that women often don’t get what they want or deserve because they don’t ask for it.  Does anyone else feel like me after I read these types of articles – here’s another thing I’m doing wrong.  Here

Estrogen-Rich Environment

I worked in an office where we expanded to occuppy two floors.  It just so happened that when we split the office the first floor was occuppied by men and one woman.  Likewise, the second floor was occupied by women and one man. I found some humor in this – finally, in the testo