Gender Bias – So What?

I keep reading about how gender bias holds women back.  But gender bias has never been a topic I’ve given a second thought to.  Given my career that seems pretty odd. When I start a new job or project, I recognize that most of the men I work with never had a female peer who they have

What Men and Women Can Teach Each Other About Teamwork

Last week I heard a woman say (paraphrasing) “Women should stop using teamwork as something they are better at than men.  Men play sports and use teamwork more so they are better at teamwork than women.”  My problem with this statement is that understanding teamwork through sports giv

What Does Abstracts in Action Mean?

What do I mean by Abstracts in Action and Abstracts in Action? When we discuss what men and women do when assigned a task, we hear that men take off into action while women start talking and building relationships.  We get to action later. We learn to associate action and getting thin

Is It Teamwork Or Just Competition?

When I think about teamwork, I think of a group of people working together to achieve a common objective. In teamwork each person has their role and they subordinate themselves and their personal importance to the larger objective. Teamwork makes us feel good about ourselves and our

“My Team” OR “The Team”

As I write my articles I find myself correcting my writing based upon the counseling session I had with a manager many years ago. He did not like it when I referred to my direct reports as “My Team.” He wanted me to say “The Team”. I didn’t like saying that. Even as I write today,