Female Traits – The Key to High Workplace Performance

I haven’t written any blogs lately because I’ve been consolidating all of my ideas into a book. It turned out to be more involved and comprehensive than I expected. Now that I am in the editing stages, I am focusing on a central theme – How women’s natural traits are the key to achi

Why the Male-Dominated Workplace Doesn’t Teach Employees to Problem Solve

There are days at work when I just want to yell “Leave me alone!! Do I have to solve everybody’s problems for them?! Can’t you guys solve problems yourself?” Twenty years ago, when I had fewer responsibilities, I liked solving problems, any one’s problems. I found it challengin

How To Energize The Dull Male-Dominated Workplace

Let’s admit it - the male-dominated workplace can be pretty dull. This is one of the reasons I liked being out on a construction site - we had a lot more fun! On site, we weren’t trying to impress anyone with a corporate image like we had to in the main office. In the main office yo

Is It Teamwork Or Just Competition?

When I think about teamwork, I think of a group of people working together to achieve a common objective. In teamwork each person has their role and they subordinate themselves and their personal importance to the larger objective. Teamwork makes us feel good about ourselves and our

Are Good Business Women More Like Men?

When I started my career there was a common saying about women who went into non-traditional career fields: “They are looking for a man or they want to be a man.” Think about the two extreme options this statement presents for women. Our choices are that we are desperate to get m

A Woman Personalizes Her Business To Lead

Have you ever noticed years that singers have their biggest hits when they sing songs that they pick or write themselves, not what the industry tells them to sing? They do best when they connect with a song to express who they really are. When I think about this Garth Brooks

Energizing Women To Lead the Male-Dominated Workplace

I never really liked my tag line “Empowering Women for Success in the Male-Dominated Workplace.” To me it sounds kind of blah-blah, boring typical professional language. I always felt it was missing something – that it wasn’t exactly hitting the mark of what I needed to say, but I

It’s Time To Stop Talking About Work-Life Balance!

It seems every discussion lately about working women is tied to the term "work-life balance." Having been there, done that - I don't get it! I don't know what the issue is or what point women are trying to make. Are women trying to justify leaving work to watch the kids at socc

Location, Location, Location

I’ve looked at a lot of company websites lately and notice that there are a lot more women listed in the staff and corporate officer pages. Can it be – women are finally breaking through the corporate ranks?!! Being me, I always do a little more reading – where is the company headqu