Only A Woman Can Save This Company!

I started this website to teach other women the concepts I successfully used in my career.  Little did I know that I preparing myself for my biggest challenge yet into the male-dominated workplace. I want to share this experience because I was in such an extreme condition and yet I dr

Are Good Business Women More Like Men?

When I started my career there was a common saying about women who went into non-traditional career fields: “They are looking for a man or they want to be a man.” Think about the two extreme options this statement presents for women. Our choices are that we are desperate to get m

Are We Advancing Or Is It All Just An Illusion?

In my last few articles I’ve danced around an issue and now I am just going to put it out there. Is corporate America using female employees as a ploy in their business development and marketing? And even worse, are women blind to it?